The Development Academy

The age of swimmers within this squad should not exceed 14 years. 

Training aims & objectives:

  • Develop & consolidate stroke technique on all four strokes.
  • Develop & consolidate starts, turns & finishes on all four stokes.
  • Training in a group environment & lane discipline.
  • Attend a minimum of 2 of the 3 available sessions on a regular basis – no less than 80% of sessions per month
  • Execute, and complete, training sets as required by the squad coach
  • Introduction to using a pace clock.
  • Rules of the sport
  • Punctuality
  • Have all training equipment (kick-board, fins & drink bottle)
  • Follow the Bexley Swimming Club Code of Conduct at all times
  • Introduction to external competitions, participation in club Time Trials and Club Championships.

Criteria for consideration of movement to Progressive Group:

  • Excellent attitude & behaviour at both training & competitions
  • Arriving to training on time, with the correct equipment
  • Parents & swimmers to agree to undertake the training commitment required in Progressive Squad
  • Be able to perform the correct competitive start and turn in all 4 strokes plus the Individual Medley
  • Be able to maintain legal technique for 50m across all 4 strokes
  • Participate in Club Championships and all recommended galas
  • Participate in team competitions when selected
  • Respect for coaching staff and other swimmers
  • Be able to complete the following training sets:
    • 8 x 100m f/c on 2:30
    • 8 x 50m in I/M order on 1:30.

Training Schedule