And we’re back …

15th April 2021 BSC 0

Monday night saw our swimmers back to training in the water after four long months. It was great to see the squads back together, all [Read more]

What a great weekend for Bexley Swimming Club!

4th March 2020 BSC 0

What a brilliant weekend it was for Bexley Swimming Club! Not only did we have 18 teams representing BSC at Crystal Palace in the Kent Relay Championships, we had a large number of our younger swimmers competing at Thanet, many of them for the first time.

Tudor League

24th February 2020 BSC 0

Well done to all our swimmers who took part in Round Two of the Tudor League. We had a fantastic time, lots of fun and to top the night off we not only won the Cannon Race, Bexley came 1st!!!

Kent County Championships 2020

15th February 2020 BSC 0

This year our swimmers demonstrated an impressive display of talent, will and determination to drive Bexley Swimming Club forward and show everyone that we may be a small club, but we have a big heart and a bigger bite!

Happy Birthday Sam!

15th January 2020 BSC 0

Big birthday celebrations for Sam, our Head Coach!!! He even had a swim…….Happy Birthday Sam!


12th November 2019 BSC 0

Congratulations to Beth, Andy and Mike on passing their J1 assessments at last weekend’s Dartford & Erith Fireworks meet. Congratulations also to Richard who is now a qualified J2. Thank you to all of our officials and volunteers for all their hard work and dedication to the club.

Tudor League Results

7th July 2019 BSC 0

Tudor champions for 2019, that’s 2 years in a row. Amazing atmosphere, we were definitely the loudest and proudest! A cannon win at the end [Read more]

Long Term Athlete Development

17th April 2019 BSC 0

Scientific research has identified that it takes at least 10 years, or 10,000 hours for talented athletes to achieve sporting excellence. There are no short cuts!

There are two ways in which young swimmers can improve their performance:

• Training;
• Growth and development.