Kent Swimming Championships Week 3 Results

Congratulations to all of our brilliant Bexley swimmers on an incredible weekend at the LAC.

We saw some factastic results from the team including:

Session 1 Results

G 400FR

Grace K 1st

Emily 6th

Penelope 9th

Phoebe 9th

Emma 12th

Daisy 20th

B 400FR

Kibe 5th

Johnny 8th

William 9th

Mason 10th

G 200IM

Grace 8th

Abi 12th

Emma 16th

Daisy 18th

Katie 19th

Megan 19th

Nancy 20th

B 200IM

Kibe 3rd

Jai 13th

Will 13th

Mason 15th

Zac 15th

Session 2 Results

G 200BR

Lan 2cnd

Emma 13th

G 200BA

Nancy 10th

Phoebe 11th

Abi 13th

Emily 14th

Rea 15th

Session 3 Results


Cameron 5th

Abi 7th

Emily 7th

G 200FR

Grace 2cnd

Kibe 5th

Emily 6th

Mason 6th

Emma 8th

Phoebe 8th

Penelope 9th

Abi 16th

Daisy 17th

Jess 17th

Nancy 18th

Session 4 Results

B 200BR

William 2cnd

Jai 8th

Nam 9th

G 200 Fly

Megan 8th

Abi 10th

B 200BA

James 7th

William 9th

Jack 13th

Jai 13th

Cameron 15th

If you weren’t able to be there, the replay is available on YouTube. Just follow the links:

Session 1:

Session 2:

Session 3:

Session 4:

Thank you again to Mick and his trusty team of TM’s for keeping it all going this weekend. See you on the weekend of 11 and 12 for the last weekend of Kent Champs!